We are hiring

Blox Finance is always open to expanding and improving its workforce and by doing that we will need more team members with us.

We are currently looking for :

  • Shillers ( people who shill us on discord and twitter )
  • Marketing advisors ( people who can give us advises on marketing etc )
  • Content creators ( people who can create content about us on their social media platforms )

Requirements :

  • Honesty , users who wish to work with us must be honest and straight forward
  • Motivation , users must be motivated to work
  • Speed , time goes by really fast and if your not fast enough then you will be left behind , if you wish to work with us you must be fast at getting the job done
  • No upfront payments , all payments are made after the work is done and trust is built
  • Flexible , open minded to new work envirements and willing to meet new people who can help you grow in the future

If you meet all requirements and wish to work with us please dm our marketing manager on telegram :

( please introduce your self in the dm and dont just say hi )

Last modified 11mo ago