Volatile Pools

The volatile pools allow traders to exchange assets like WBTC and WETH with high price volatility using the generic vAMM formula:
x * y > k

Stable Pools

The stable pools allow traders to exchange correlated assets like USDT and USDC with low price volatility and minimum slippage using the generic sAMM formula:
x³y + y³x > k

Formula Visualization

This graph shows how the pool’s liquidity remains the same at all times. From our formulas on “Volatile Pools” and “Stable Pools”, x is the first amount of asset in the pool, y is the second amount of asset in the pool and k is a fixed constant.

Dynamic farming pools

The contract deployer sets a rewarding amount and that amount is distrubuted equally between all stakers , for example rewarding amount is 100$ and theres only 2 stakers then each staker will get 50$ etc , the contract deployer also sets a period of time , for example if theres 1 hour left then all rewarding amount will be distributed before the time ends.

Auto-buyback feature

Whenever a user stakes , unstakes , claims a small fee is charged and that fee automatically buys $blox in the same exact transection.
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